Your house will never go down.


A house’s foundation built on Pretech® piles will never shift into the ground, even in presence of very unstable soil. It’s the only foundation support that comes with a legal warranty.

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On unstable ground
Stability comes with Pretech®.

Severe cracks in foundations are typical symptoms resulting from a foundation built on clay, unstable soils or backfill; the worst consequence would be the building sinking into the ground.

Supporting the foundation on Pretech® piles will definitely prevent your house from shifting.

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Save money.

Compared to engineered backfills or large footings, a foundation built on Pretech® piles is the most cost-effective solution on the market to counteract unstable grounds.

Building on Pretech® piles is your guaranteed choice to secure your foundation always on level.

Add value.

Large cracks in the foundation, or worse a house settling into the ground are a homeowner’s worst nightmares and will shy away any prospective home buyer. This is why your house foundation should be built on Pretech® piles.

Building on Pretech® piles will maximize the value of your property.

Build faster.

Pretech® piles are driven deep into the ground using our powerful specialized equipment. Upon installation of Pretech® piles, the foundation can be built immediately thereafter.

No other method is faster than Pretech® piles. Time is money!

Le monde selon Pretech®

The world in the eyes of Pretech®.

Having Pretech® piles supporting your house is the best insurance there is for your building’s stability. It is the best protection against unwanted cracks and an uneven building foundation.

Pretech® is a turnkey solution, providing the piles and their installation, including our engineering services for the design and certified plans.

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Make the right choice.

Our commitment is using only the industry’s highest quality product with extended life span. The result is a solid "once and for all" job on your foundation.

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Pretech® distinguishes itself in several ways:

  • Over 55 years of cumulated experience and expertise.
  • Highly qualified team ready to assist you and solve complex problems.
  • Materials of very high quality and a high performance fleet of equipment.
  • Best warranty in the industry.
Différence entre une maison sans et avec pieux Pretech®

Don’t let your house run down.

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