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The best guarantee for stability in the industry

On unstable ground stability comes with Pretech®.

Severe cracks in foundations are typical symptoms resulting from a foundation built on clay, unstable soils or backfill; the worst consequence would be the building sinking into the ground.

Supporting the foundation on Pretech® piles will definitely prevent your house from shifting.

Save money.

Compared to engineered backfills or large footings, a foundation built on Pretech® piles is the most cost-effective solution on the market to counteract unstable grounds.

Building on Pretech® piles is your guaranteed choice to secure your foundation always on level.

Add value.

Large cracks in the foundation, or worse a house settling into the ground are a homeowner’s worst nightmares and will shy away any prospective home buyer. This is why your house foundation should be built on Pretech® piles.

Building on Pretech® piles will maximize the value of your property.

Build faster.

Pretech® piles are driven deep into the ground using our powerful specialized equipment. Upon installation of Pretech® piles, the foundation can be built immediately thereafter.

No other method is faster than Pretech® piles. Time is money!

15+ years of experience

15+ years of experience

25 000+ piles installed

25 000+ piles installed

7 500+ projects completed

7 500+ projects completed

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Experienced technicians

Experienced technicians

Our team of certified technicians have the skills and experience necessary to successfully complete your project regardless of any potential challenges.

Experienced technicians

Impeccable project management

We take care of everything! We pride ourselves on exceptional project management and after-sales service.

Experienced technicians

Guaranteed delivery date

Our large inventory of equipment allows us to work faster without encountering delays from a third party.

Experienced technicians

Superior engineering

From an engineering standpoint, our patented piles deliver a level, reliable, and uniquely strong foundation that will last over time.

Pretech machinerie on a construction site.

Pile Installation Services

Our work is carried out using Pretech® piles; the industry's top-of-the-line for durability. We guarantee that your project will be completed 'once and for all'.

We offer turnkey pile installation services which include certified plans prepared by an engineer.

  • Residential pile foundations
  • House straightening / stabilization
  • Foundation repair

Related services tailored to your needs

Installing Pretech® piles under your foundation is the best way to guarantee the immovability of a structure, reducing cracks and unevenness.

  • Foundation repair
  • New foundations
  • Mini-excavation
IPretech machinerie on a construction site during winter.

The quality of our work is guaranteed


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